Mom’s Magical Handbag

Duff here. Mom has a Magical Handbag. Not to say This came out of Nowhere. It was trial and error for a time. She tried smaller Bags, but found She needed an additional Purse for the other “necessary Things.” (She would leave the larger Bag in the car when going for Lunch, then realize Her wallet was not with Her. Such embarrassment.) She finally resorted to the Handbag She has now, which carries a large variety of Stuff and Things. If She stops quickly and the Handbag rolls over? Everything is so tightly packed It all stays in place. Living unstuck for Sure, I’d say.

If She is out for a meal, She often brings back White Containers for Me. But a few Times? She tucks a scrap or two into a Napkin. Then into the Magical Purse it goes. Now, Mom tends to be a little absent Minded, and forgets My Treat. But I handily nose It out, sometimes burrowing deep. Once I unearthed a dried-up piece of Chicken from long ago. Mom was horrified. But Me? I happily chewed away, Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You travel light? Or pack a Multitude of Necessities? I say: Go with what’s comfortable for You. I’m convinced Mom is prepared for most Everything, which amuses Me to no end. She’s living unstuck. And You can too, in any Style You see fit. #unstuck-living#mom’s-magical-handbag

I’m very organized these days and keep my life in my handbag, like most women.

—Brett Eklund

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