Mom’s Lesson

Duff here. It has been Snowing (a Lot) lately. I like to Romp and Play in That White Stuff. Do figure eights and skid down a Hill. And I’m sure it looks Nice if You are up Higher than 8′ off the Ground. The Drawback for Me? I get Snowballs around my Paws and on my Tummy. Is it Cold? You bet! But Mom has a Special Treatment for Me: She puts Me in the Tub and gently runs warm water over Me. Then wraps Me in a heated Towel so I can snuggle in for a Short Nap. That’s living unstuck.

Today, however, Mom forgot. I came in from My Cavorting and She paid Me no Notice. I even stood and stared, rather than my usual lying Down. Nothing. So I did the next Best Thing. I lowered My head and pretended to Vomit. That did it. Mom threw on her Jacket, her muffler, her Hat and her gloves (my, She was moving Fast) and out We went. I took Her on a Meander around our Home. And She was Puzzled. Still convinced I was Not feeling well. But when We stepped through the door, She Finally noticed those Very Cold Snowballs. Success! Took care of Me right Proper. Not stuck any more.

Do You have trouble getting a Message across at times? Is it Frustrating or What?! I say: If the Information is not received as You want, You have My permission to Take extreme Measures. Keep in Mind You have to connect with these people in the Future, so be Kind. Worked for me. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#extreme-lessons

At times, you need to be forceful to get things that are stuck unstuck.

—Christine Quinn

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