Mom’s Cold. Time for More Bedding.

Duff here. The thermometer registered 12 degrees when Mom returned from Her early morning Walk the Other Day. We go out earlier for My Constitutional, but that Sashay is relatively brief. Her walk Lasts about an Hour. And She was Very cold when She came back through the Door. I was Content, but apparently felt Cool To Her Touch. The Drill goes like this: Mom’s cold. Therefore I must be Too. But please note: I was Minding My own business, Lying on My End of the Sofa. Living unstuck.

After She encased me in a heavy Towel, Mom warmed another blanket in the Dryer. She placed that One on Me too, in hopes I would Warm up. (I think the Situation would have improved mightily if She was the one Wrapped in the warm Blanket.) Satisfied She had done her Duty as a Doggy Mommy, She moved on to other Errands. After a Short While, I was panting. A Lot. I slid out from under the Covers and Lay on My Back in the middle of the Room. I was Cooling off. Now that’s living unstuck. I appreciated Her concern, but Enough. And all was Well.

What about You? Do You have Friends or Family who do Well meaning things for you? Have You found: Some Things are appreciated, while Others may go overboard? I recommend: Follow My lead and thank them. Then Do what You need for Your Own well Being When The Time is Right. A Caution: Don’t be within Arm’s reach when Mom gets Cold. Live unstuck. #unstuckliving#carefrommothers

A kind word (or deed) warms three cold months.

—Japanese proverb

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