Momo’s Rescue—These Heroes Didn’t Have Capes

Duff here. A Furry Feline named Momo (You can see His Picture) was out adventuring last week. Being an Indoor-and-Outdoor Cat, He Prowled here and There around His property. And Thoroughly enjoyed the Scenery. But this Time, MoMo ventured into His neighbor’s yard, Populated by Multiple Dogs. And he got scared and Ran Away. After wandering for a Week, He was thoroughly Lost. “A Tough Place to Find Myself in,” he thought.

About that Time, Mom and I were out for Our Evening Constitutional. Being the Superior Canine that I Am, I picked up a Scent on The Curb. You know Me. When I get Ahold of a Smell, I won’t let Go. I followed The Odor along the ground, then Up a Tree as Far as I could Reach. Mom finally looked Up in the Tree. And there was an Elegant Grey Cat, perched on a branch. He was Stuck.

Now as Luck would Have It, Mom had noticed a flier Posted for a Lost Cat. There was MoMo’s Picture. She texted MoMo’s grandma, who Arrived with a Flourish on Her Quad. The Happy Reunion followed. But how to Get MoMo down from His branch? A tempting treat of Tuna did the Ticket. (I would have Gone for That too.) Thanks to These Many Helpmates, MoMo returned home Safe and Sound. End of Story. These Heroes didn’t have Capes. And I was proud to be the Instigator of The Rescue. Living unstuck.

Are You a Hero without a Cape? Do You Rescue those in need? I say: Go for It. Enjoy the Adventure. You too can be part of a Heart Felt Resolution to a problem. And You too will Revel in That Good feeling. Live unstuck. #unstuckliving#heroes

If you think you are too small to make a difference,

Try sleeping with a mosquito.

—The Dalai Lama

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