Mom Training 102

Duff here. I have been training Mom for many Years. And what a Job that has Been! First, I got Her to provide food when It was dinnertime. That was reasonably easy, for It was Her Time to eat as well. But then? I angled for a treat or two. (Have I told You How cute I can look when I know That Trick will work?) The result is Instantaneous at times. Now, that’s living unstuck.

The latest Training involves Mom waiting as I trundle across the Parking area to get Home. Here’s the drill. I hop out of the Car and look around as Mom gathers up Her Gear. Then We head across the Lot, Mom in the lead. After about six feet, I stop and take a Breather. In the meantime, She has progressed to the Stairs. Mom has learned to drop off the heavier Pieces and come Back for Me. She returns to move in behind Me, and I roll along for Another six or seven Feet. Pause. And so, it goes. (I am clever, aren’t I?) That’s living unstuck.

How about You? Do You have a Habit You’ve trained others to respect? Or is It smooth sailing all the Way? I say: Dip into teaching Others, especially if it’s Something fun for Them. Like going to the Park. Or taking a Walk. Best way I know to Live unstuck. And I think You will too. #unstuck-living#training-others

Hi! I’m stop that.
Sometimes they even call me get back here.

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