Mom is Freezing

Duff here. It’s been Cold in these Parts. Very cold, indeed. Mom and I venture out early; Me to do My Business, and Mom to walk soon After. As You know, I have a delightfully heavy Fur coat. It is Curly, soft, and silky, so It holds My body warmth. And so I explore. I check out New Places. I can detect where another of My canine Friends has been, even hours after. And I stop. And take in the Scent with short Sniffs or Deep breaths. The delight of being a Dog! Living unstuck.

On the other Hand? While this is happening, Mom is freezing. She’s bundled up in Four to Five Layers of Clothing. All you can see is her Eyes. Three layers on bottom, and many More on Top. Then there’s the Muffler. And the ear Muffs. You would think She was at Lambeau Field watching a Green Bay Packers game. All because I take My time. Sigh. I’m living unstuck.

How about You? Do You have a Friend who does Things that Make You think twice? Or is Everyone playing happily Together? I say: Go with the Flow. I appreciate that Mom stays with Me as I Do My Thing. She is Patient while She gets colder. And colder. (She has also decided It’s time for Me to Visit Doggy Day Camp. I miss My Fellow Canines.). Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#patience-with-others

If I had my way, I’d remove January from the calendar altogether
and have an extra July instead.

—Roald Dahl

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