Mid Year Check UP

It’s July, halfway through the year. Time for my mid-year checkup. In 2020, it was easy to get stuck. Too easy to think: “I can never do that.” Or “It’ll be like this for a long time.” And “What will my future will even look like?”

Step #1 to Get Moving

So, I decided to get unstuck. On New Year’s Eve, I made a list of what I wanted to let go from my life in 2021. I put thought and effort into this. My goal was to be in a new place by the end of the year. What I knew for sure? Self-sabotage had to go. Time to do some mental housecleaning and make room for new patterns of behavior. After I finished my “let go” list, I shredded it. Gone!

Step #2

I then wrote out my dreams for 2021. Some little, and some big. Some mundane and some life changing. As I did, I considered the following questions:

  • Where do I want to be at the end of the year?
  • What wisdom do I want to gain?
  • Which relationships will I choose to deepen or build?
  • What do I want to learn?
  • Which traits of mine do I want to sharpen? To discard?

I carried this list around for a few days, adding new concepts and plans. I also faced down a few obnoxious triggers. I don’t know about you, but some of mine? Procrastination, boredom, and self-doubt. And I made “work arounds” for these little gremlins.

How about:

  • If I’m working on an article, it’s easier to continue after a break if I leave the screen up.
  • When I organize my walking boots and gear the night before, it’s easier to take that early morning walk.
  • If I leave early for work, I can eliminate hurry. I also have time to replace that burned out light bulb.

I wrote these down in the first person, as if what I wanted was happening right now. Since the subconscious mind believes everything I say, I made the process even more powerful by using positive words. I motivated myself, and set my intentions for the coming year.

I then paper clipped them to my kitchen calendar. July came, and there they were! Ready for my mid-year checkup. I was amazed how well I was doing, but noted some room for improvement. Small steps equal big gains.

My Challenge for You

At some point, Abraham Lincoln, Mr. Rogers, and Susan B. Anthony all realized: self-defeating behaviors reside in the eighteen inches between their head and their heart. They found ways to move past these issues.
All of them went on to create history. And you can too, in your own life.

Make a list of your intentions for the next 6 months and post them in a place where you can use them (and find them in January 2022). You can get, and stay, unstuck.

My Wish for You

Make the second half of 2021 be the best ever. May you have stimulating adventures, a light heart and an attitude of curiosity as you anticipate the next six months to come. Wishing you courage, joy, and laughter to experience an adventure filled with love, growth and friendship. Live unstuck!


  1. Teresa Kelleher on 07/23/2021 at 10:00 am

    Hi Joan,
    Thanks for the well-timed reminder. I love it!
    Doing well here, but as you mentioned, gremlins sneak on at times. LOL
    Our son is doing well…living in a trailer in our driveway. Has been working 9 months & has goals. Wow.
    I’m teaching adult ed very part time. Very enjoyable.
    Also leading a Qigong practice on Zoom.
    I hope you are well in all regards.
    Best wishes,

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