Meeting Dogs on Their Turf

Duff photoDuff again. Mom and I have been Cesar Millan fans forever, it seems. The Dog Whisperer helps Dogs, but even more, teaches their owners how to be Pack Leaders. As he recommends, I am Calm and Submissive. Well, most of the time. And I learn a lot from watching examples of Problem Dogs on his Saturday morning television program. Once, there was a dog who would not stop chasing anything on wheels. Bicycles, skateboards, roller skates: you name it. I put my head down on the sofa and covered my eyes with my paws. That pooch was not living unstuck.

Recently, I had the chance to use my Best Dog Whisperer Manners on a Visit. Mom and I went to the home of another Good Friend. (This lady likes to play various games with me. I like Her a lot). There was a new Dog-To-Me in residence. She was larger than I am. (Let’s face it. Most Dogs are bigger than I am). So I was using my Sterling Approach. When she gently growled to show me who was boss, I kept quiet in my small carrier. Mom took me out to greet my Good Friend for a time, but I was relieved to return to My Safe Place. The Big Dog checked me out some more, making certain I realized I was in her Territory. And I promptly went to sleep. I was Calm and Submissive. Caesar Millan would have been proud. I was living unstuck.

When you visit Good Friends, are you using your Sterling Approach? Are you on your Best Behavior? Do you listen to others, enjoying their stories? On this Memorial Day Weekend, I say: Be a Good Guest. Be friendly. Laugh a lot and have fun. The Hosts are in charge. Follow their lead. You’ll have a super good time. (And may even catch a nap, if it’s that kind of Friend). Live unstuck. #unstuckliving #courtesy

All doors open to Courtesy.

—Thomas Fuller

Courtesy is contagious.

—Paul V. Verburg

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