Make Those Memories!

If you do something, you have a memory.
If you don’t, you have regrets.

—Alma Bergquist, Elaine Iverson’s aunt

Duff here. Mom’s Good Friend, Elaine, was telling about Her Aunt who lived in Nebraska. She won a trip to Southern California, and was very excited about the prospect. The Aunt flew in, and Elaine called Her Hotel. (After all, it can be lonely when in a New Place.) She wanted to see if the Aunt needed anything or wanted some Company. Living unstuck.

The Fellow at the Front Desk laughed, and said the Aunt had dropped off her luggage and immediately picked up a Tour of Hollywood. When the two Ladies got together later, the Aunt explained Her Thoughts about Memories. She was ready for Action and Feats of Derring Do. I think She’s got it right. Sitting on the sidelines will get Me nothing. I’m all for Adventure! Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You get out and Make Memories? Or do You watch from the Bleachers? I say: Enough of this Passive Entertainment. It’s time to have some Fun. Make those memories to Cherish in the future. You’ll not regret It, I guarantee. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#memories

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