Luck of the Irish

You’ve got to think lucky. If you fall into a mud hole, check your back pocket—you might have caught a fish.

—Irish proverb

Duff here. Happy St. Patty’s Day to You! I have heard: Even if You’re not of this Heritage, You too can be Irish on that Special day. I Myself will Be wearing the Green, for I have heard of getting Pinched if I neglect to do So. And I Don’t want that. You know: I am a Lucky Canine. I have Many Friends, some of whom I have not Yet Met. But that is Good Fortune in itself, for It provides a bright Promise for Tomorrow. That Special Pot of Gold. Living unstuck.

I am filled with Joy, which attracts Prosperity of all Sorts. How about a Chance meetup with an Acquaintance with an Offer of a Meal? (Yes, I know it’s always food with Me, isn’t it?) Or an Unexpected Walk through Territory unknown to Me. The Anticipation of many new Experiences? That’s Bounty at its Finest. Living unstuck.

How about You? Are You lucky? Do You create a Field of Positivity around You? I recommend: Do so and You will Prosper mightily. That Happens to Me All the Time. May the luck of the Irish be with You! Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#luck-of-the-Irish

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