Duff here. Mom and I stopped for a brief visit with a Good Friend This morning. As I came up to Her porch, I stopped in My Tracks. And Started to sniff. Then immediately went to a Corner of the Step and started to Investigate in earnest. Another Canine had been on the premises. I just knew It. I don’t live unstuck for nothing, You know.

I kept on checking out Various Areas. (The Intruder had covered a lot of Ground.) But then our Friend assured Me the Other Dog was a Temporary visitor, just passing through. Her Loyalty was still Mine. To reassure Me, She reached down and patted Me on My silky Head. That reinforced the Agreement. We were living unstuck once again.

How about You? Had a time where You felt Loyalty to You was Challenged? But were then reassured that All was Well? I say: Support Your Friends. Be there for others, and Others will be there for You. And I tell You: I have done this for years. And it enhances Friendships and Loyalty like none other. Live unstuck #unstuck-living#loyalty

I’m not perfect but I’m loyal.


(Duff says: “I could have written that.”)

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