Love Others

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.

—Josh Billings

Duff photoDuff again. I open my Heart to a select few people. And it pays enormous dividends. I have a multitude of ways to show love to my Good Friends. When we connect, I am ecstatic to see Them. I bounce around every which way and zip around in a circle. I give them my best Doggy Smile and a few Licks for good measure. I even wrap my paws around a leg. My luxuriant tail wags furiously, for I want there to be no mistake. I love them, and I live unstuck.

I’m here to tell you: I am consistent. I share my unconditional Love with my Friends in ongoing measure. I don’t change, for I love them more than they love Themselves at times. (Do you know some folks don’t like themselves?) But I help them move past that Self Imposed Boundary and feel the many positives inside. Perhaps it’s in my nature. I live unstuck.

How do you express your Love for your Favorite People? When They come into a room, do you stop what you’re doing and look at them with a smile? Do you give them a Hug when they return home from being out and about? I assert: It’s a Good Thing to show your love to others. To greet them with your Heart so they know you connect with Them. I also recommend Consistency in this area. I decided long ago it has a bucketful of rewards. You will too. Live unstuck. #unstuckliving#loveothers

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