Love Is . . .

Duff here. I know My Mom loves Me. She does the Regular Activities We would all expect. Creating delicious Meals. Walking Me. Playing with Me. Washing My Bedding. (Of which I have even more than She does.) I have Supplements to strengthen Me. To ease My Joints. She makes certain I have Fresh Water. I go to Doggy Day Camp to play and have fun with My Canine Buddies. She tucks Me in every Night. Living unstuck.

Recently, I have added an Additional Request for Loving Help. Sometimes, I feel the Need to venture Outdoors after We are snug in Our Beds. Around 10:00 pm and 2-3:00 am, I begin a gentle Whimper. This Noise can escalate if I don’t get an Immediate Response. Once I see Mom stumbling and Fussing about after rolling out of Bed? I let up and We head Outside. Sometimes, I have a Need. But there are Times when I simply want to breathe some Cool Night Air. Mom is not impressed, but chuckles as We head back inside Once again. Living unstuck.

How about You? Are You loving and kind to Those Near and Dear? Or do You get Irritated? I say: Slow down. Take time to Show You care. The World will wait, and You will feel better for It. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#love-is

Your love is like bacon . . . it makes everything better.


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