Lookin’ Good

Many football players are known for their styles and special looks. Deion Sanders has a nickname: Neon Deion. He made his fame as a football player after having a career in baseball and has moved on to be a sports commentator. He’s the only player to ever compete in the Super Bowl and the World Series. But more important, he’s also known for his custom-made suits and flashy jewelry. The other day he said, “If you look good, feel good, move good you play good.” Talk about living unstuck!

Now I have to admit: there are times when I’m not looking my best. Maybe it’s a non-work day, and I’m busy with household chores. Scrubbing floors doesn’t require a nice outfit, for jeans and a tee shirt will do. Perhaps it’s when I’m out walking in the morning with MacDuff. Or if I’m unloading the car after a Walmart run. But I do know if I’m working from home, I need to get dressed for work to be on point. I feel better about myself . . . and my projects. I envy those folks who can labor away in their pajamas, feet thrust in fluffy slippers with a cup of coffee at hand. Not me. I need to be dressed and ready to take on the day. My mind is clear, my thoughts are sharp, and I’m open to possibilities. I’m living unstuck.

How about you? Are you able to work comfortably from home in your sweats? Or do you need to get duded up? Live unstuck! #UnstuckLiving

To improve your looks, to feel powerful and inspire others, just smile.

—Val Uchendu

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