Little Yelpers

Duff here. My Cousin Josh was Taking a look back over the past Holiday season with His Aunt Sadie. The food, the games, the fun. His many Gifts from Chewy. The toys. The Treats. The New Elegant Dog House. They both agreed He’d really scored this year. Living unstuck.

They also talked about Me, The Duff, when I was a Tiny Puppy. Yes, I was a Little Yelper. While I wasn’t born at the North Pole, I still qualified. I have Quite a Voice for a Very Small Pooch. Even today, My Screech can shatter Glass. (Mom will vouch for That.) It only happens when I almost get stepped On. Or when I think Mom will leave without Me. Quite effective, I’d say. Living unstuck.

How about You? Does Your Voice carry through the Crowd? Or are You soft-spoken? I say: Speak up! I have found it pays Big Dividends. You don’t get pushed around. Or heaven forbid, stepped On. When that happens, People do a lot of Apologizing for Almost doing Something. (Smile.) Living unstuck. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#little-yelpers

A dog’s bark is just a vocal wagging of the tail.

—Max Eastman

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