That Little Spot of Sunshine

Duff again. I love sunshine, even the little traces. Doesn’t matter if they’re on the floor. Or on the sofa. Or a chair. I will search them out, first lying on the floor in dappled light. Then, I may get overheated. (After all, I have my luxurious coat). So I move over to the shade for a bit. Or even do a half-and-half, half shade half sun. My picture shows me happily soaking up rays. Since I am a Very Small Dog, it doesn’t take a large spot of sunshine to warm me and raise my spirits. I am easy to please.

Are you reveling in sunshine? Duff Wisdom says: Bask in it every chance you get, if only for a few moments. The light will provide much needed Vitamin D. And also make you happy inside. I highly recommend it. Live unstuck. #UnstuckLiving

When life gives you Monday, dip it in glitter and sparkle all day.

—Found on Pinterest

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