Lion Dog

It’s better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your life.

—Elizabeth Kenny

Duff photoDuff here. At times, my Mom says I become a Lion Dog. I move through the Brush, on the prowl for Whatever Suits my Fancy. At times, It is a brightly colored Wrapper. Or perhaps, I stop in the shade to enjoy the Weather, for it does get Warm when I’m in the Exploration Mode. And other times, it may be a particular Scent of an Animal Gone By. I live unstuck.

What amuses my Mom is that When I go on the Hunt, I disappear from view. That is, all but my White Fluffy Tail. The Brush is so tall this time of year and I am So Small, I become Invisible. But I’m still Mighty, for I am a Lion Dog, intent on my Comings and Goings. While I have never even seen a Sheep as mentioned above, it doesn’t sound like an Optimal Position to be in. I am Content to be What I am.

How about you? Are you a Freethinking Lion? Do you create your own Path, making Discoveries and expanding your Horizons? Or are you a Sheep, being Okay to Follow the herd? I say: A little of both is Best. I, for one, find being a Lion all the Time to be Somewhat exhausting. Say if someone invites me to a Party, I can play games and be a Sheep. Or when it’s Dinner Time, I can move up to the Trough, being that Farm Animal with the best of Them. I find it Nice to have Variety, don’t you? Give it a Shot. Live unstuck. #unstuckliving#bravery

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