Life is a Cha-Cha

Optimist: someone who figures out that taking a step backward after taking a step forward is not a disaster. It’s more like a cha-cha.

—Robert Brault

Duff here. I like this Quote, don’t you? I often give Something a Shot, only to back up if it doesn’t work out as Planned. I like to try out new Ventures. Some work. Some don’t. And some definitely need improvement. Just ask Mom.

The other Day, a Storm had descended. It was raining cats and Dogs (pardon the Expression) when Mom and I went out to take care of My Morning Constitutional. But I was Reluctant to head out The Door. Mom coaxed Me. She pleaded. And finally gathered Me up, closing the Door behind us. Thirty minutes later, I was still meandering about, not trying Very hard to find My perfect spot. I was making Efforts to Head for our Warm and Dry Home. But Mom is a Pro in fending me off from My Escape Routes. Drat! Not living unstuck at all.

Mom finally gave Up. We made it back up the Stairs, and I tucked myself in. (Figured My bladder was Strong.) A bit later, We took off to run some errands. Still a Downpour, so I elected to Hop in the Car. No extreme Need yet. Makes sense, doesn’t it? On arrival at our Third destination, I let Mom know This was the Place. Relief! Mission accomplished. She could complete her Cha-Cha. Living unstuck.

Are You familiar with this Cha-Cha? Does Everything go perfectly in Your world? Or do You encounter Glitches? I say: See the Ongoing Process as a Cha-Cha and enjoy the Dance. You’ll be Glad You did. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#Life-is-a-cha-cha

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