Learn and Grow

It’s okay to find problems in things that we like. That’s how we grow.

—Ali La Benz

Duff here. I like My Life to be smooth sailing. No worries. No fuss. Unstuck. But I have discovered That’s not always Possible. Let’s take Grooming, for instance. (Actually, Mom calls what happens cutting My hairs.) I am delighted to see Ashley, My groomer, and We begin with a mini lovefest. She coos at Me, talking gently as She picks Me up to place Me in My Special Spot. Next? I like My Warm Bath. (I’ll bet You do, too.) That is living unstuck.

The Problem arises when Ashley begins to clip the Fur on My face. I screw up My Nose and look like a Little Old Man. I back Up. I shake My Head. I do everything in My Power to let Her know: All is not well. But She is kindly persistent and finishes My Cut. I am then released to be the Handsome Groomed Dude I am. What happened? I grew into a new Perspective. After getting over That Problematic Hurdle, I’m living unstuck.

How about You? Do You find problems in the things You like? When camping, is it too Cold? Or when You are served a Favorite dish, perhaps not the way Your Taste Buds remembered? I say: Stretch a Bit. Learn and grow. It builds confidence. And Your Future Self will thank You. #unstuck-living#learn-and-grow

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