Keep On Rolling

Professional athletes of any stripe have to keep in shape. From ping-pong aficionados to football players, from track stars to skiers, they all practice and work out, honing their skills for their best performance. Some are natural athletes, performing with ease. (Think Shaun White, snowboarding champ). While others work at it and endlessly rehearse until they smooth the skill. No matter the talent, they all live unstuck, focused on a goal.

And then there’s me, focused on walking my 10,000 steps a day to stay in my current wardrobe and ward off high cholesterol. And as the days grow shorter and seemingly darker and colder, it gets more difficult to roll out of bed to achieve this appointed goal. The Duff used to take the Big Walk, but due to age, has recently retired to the Shorter Morning Route to Relieve Himself. Once he is tucked in, I’m off.

If I time my walk just right, I am fortunate to meet up with Rhonda and Cassie. Now Duff used to take the Big Walk, but after certain distances, I would scoop him up to give him a break. My walking friends asked after Duff and I explained his situation. They probably suspected as much, for they had seen me carrying him at times. We also agreed he had the best of it: he was snug and cozy, fast asleep on the sofa. And we were not.

Before their walk on Friday, Cassie called Rhonda, asking, “Can I be the Duff today?” The response was without price. “No, you can’t stay home. And no, I can’t carry you.” And we all laughed. I’m still chuckling. The unspoken message: keep on rolling. Now that’s living unstuck.

Have you made a commitment to yourself, then found it difficult to follow through? Do friends and family help? Or hinder? Do you have a sense of humor about what you’re doing? Are you living unstuck? #Unstuck Living

Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds.

—Gordon B. Hinkley

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