Joyful Greetings

When somebody walks through the door, even if it’s five times a day, you should go totally insane with joy.

—Super Soul Sunday

Duff again. The other day, I was considering the way I greet people. If I am at the office, my mom tries to have me on her lap. The reason? I am well trained in many areas but not in the meeting-and-greeting bit at the door. I have been known to launch myself toward the hapless client and bark loudly. Well, loudly for a Very Small Dog. Or swarm the person, wrapping my paws around a leg. So mom controls that activity and clamps a tight hold on me until the person comes through the door.

I then meet and greet. My luxurious tail wags furiously. I do figure 8’s, going back and forth until I am recognized. I have been known to sit and watch adoringly. (Get’s “˜em every time). The person stops and pats my head and we’re good to go.

One Very Nice Lady even brings treats for me when we go to knitting. She says hello, then slips my treat through the wire mesh of my carrier. And I am appreciative. Now, I don’t get to return the greeting for I’m in my portable cage. But I do let her know how grateful I am. I also understand I need to be quiet when I’m there, or I will be disinvited. That would be very sad.

In this age of social media, I recommend exuberantly and joyfully greeting someone as they walk through the door. Look at them. Pay attention to them. Show with your face (even your whole body) that you’re beyond glad to see them. It puts a smile on their face. A lightness to their step. And take it from me, it makes your heart feel happy too. Live unstuck. #UnstuckLiving

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