Invisible Friends

Duff here. I have many Friends. Some are out patrolling Their yards, barking away. I pass by with nary a Look. No need to stir up the Waters. (I do the same guard-and-protect around My Place, so I understand Their Motives.) Other Pals are on the street. We do a lot of tail wagging and sniffing. The regular greeting in Dog Language. Living unstuck.

My Invisible Buddies are usually behind closed doors. I suspect They hear My jingling Tags and come running. Some are close to where I live, so Mom tries to be the Stealth Walker early in the morning. She holds onto her Keys to maintain Radio silence, and oils the door hinges. This is to no Avail, for They hear My Paws. And simply have to greet Me. What a great Way to begin the Day! Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You have invisible Friends? Or do You see Them every day? I say: See them as often as You can. But if They are a distance away? Use the funny gizmo like Mom has. When She talks and laughs into It, I figure She too has invisible Friends. I sure can’t see Them! But We’re living unstuck. #unstuck-living#friends

Never let your best friends get lonely . . . keep disturbing them.


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