Duff photoDuff here. I was pondering the Concept of Creating the other day. You know, actually Developing Ideas. And then putting Feet to my Dreams. I imagine all Sorts of Things. I could be a Doberman in Disguise. Or That I have Powerful Confidence when meeting Other Dogs. Or even being able to Eat all the Food I want and enjoy every Mouthful. All of these Ideas are very Well and Good. But until I physically move in their Direction, that’s all they’ll be: the fantasies of a Puppy.

But as You know, I live unstuck. I go All Out. There are Occasions when I meet another Dog and I bark Furiously. I am under the Impression I’m a Very Large Dog. But that Delusion is dashed when Mom scoops me up and Keeps me out of Harm’s Way. (I know she’s really protecting the other Canine, but really!) And then there are Times when I want to eat more than I can Handle. Now that’s a problem I don’t even want to Discuss in Polite Company. And that’s You, my Fan and Gentle Reader.

Mom does well to Write for Me, for my Paws are too large for the keyboard. She has ways of Knowing what I want to say (She and I Communicate quite Easily). I am proud of how She expresses my Concept of the World, for I learn and do something new every day. I live unstuck.

I ask: How about you? Do you have Dreams as yet Unrealized? They could be as Small as a Daily Exercise Routine or as large as Moving into an Uncharted Territory. I say: You’ll never know until you Try. Think of all the Books, half-written in the drawer. Or never Submitted. Do you have a Skill as yet Undiscovered? Do it. Banish Resistance and live unstuck. #unstuckliving#resistance

Doing is the quantum leap from imagining.

—Barbara Sher

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