I Have Your Back

Duff here. My Friend, Snoopy, is the Troop Leader for Woodstock and His Clan. That Position can be quite a Challenge. He has the Entertaining Part down pat. He sings and tells Bird Jokes, which They all love. Height is a big advantage. He is able to See Far Away, while His little Feathered Friends are often close to the Ground. Take it from Me. There’s a limit to what You can see as a Small Creature. Living unstuck.

Snoopy has the Appropriate Response when He gets in Trouble and needs Help. Mom to the Rescue! If His Mama is anything like Mine? She is fierce. Quick to spring into action and protect Her Young ‘Un. The last time I was at Doggy Day Camp, Lori stepped into this protective Mode. Despite the Heat, I was determined to Roam the Backyard. She would place Me in the Shade, but out to the Sunshine I went. Fearing heatstroke, She brought Me into Her Home. I barked. I whimpered. I told Her where I wanted to be. But She knew best, and kindly told Me to stay Put. After a short time, I curled up in the shade of the Sun. And promptly fell asleep. Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You have Someone to keep You on the Straight and Narrow? Or are You flying on Your Lonesome? I say: Look for a Friend to be Your Umbrella when the Rain comes. Take it from Me, You can’t go wrong. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#got-your-back

I’ve got your back, chosen one. Go save the world.

—Maui (Moana)

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