I Ate Your Homework

A ferocious concentration and fanatical execution is what you need to finish strong.

—Gary Ryan Blair

Duff here. Oh, that Cousin Hortense! She was such a character, in Her own right. Such a Charming Disposition and She never met a Stranger. Even the most Difficult of persons (and Canines) quickly warmed up to Her. She was Adventurous, ready to check out Most Anything. And She would Play at the drop of a Hat. Living unstuck.

However, She had one Little Drawback. Only One. Hortense loved to destroy Pages of paper. Books. Newspapers. Letters. IRS notices. Spiral bond notebooks. Tax information. Homework was Her favorite. She would carefully Steal whatever Object struck Her fancy, then stealthily slink away to her Doggie Bed. Once there, She would rip and Tear, shredding and decimating as She went. (I specialized in Kleenex, but She was the Pro.) When Caught, her Winning Smile won anyone over, as You can see. How could You be Upset with a Golden Girl like That? Living unstuck.

How about You? Have You worked On a Project, only to have it Destroyed by Another? How did You react? Anger? Or Laughter? I say: Go for the Chuckle. And keep those Paper Goods Way up high when Hortense is around. Just sayin’. Live unstuck.

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