Humor and Love

Where humor exists, love cannot be far behind.


Duff here. Springtime! I am so very Excited. It’s the Time of year I take longer (and longer) to get to the Jeep to head for work. I turn and give Mom the Paw as I go the opposite direction up the Hill. (I chuckle to Myself as I do this, for there’s nothing She can do about My Meanderings.) My Constitutionals are also stretched out, just to Check out all the new Scents and Fragrances. The Weather warms up and feels so good on My Back. Living unstuck.

Speaking of My Comical Sashays, I heard about George, who would outrun His Mom to bed every night. He had a perfectly good Bed on the Floor, but much preferred Her Side of the Human bed. His Doggy Daddy was amused by His antics, which did not help Her Cause. So one Night, His Mom curled up in George’s bed. Stretched and sighed. And pretended to sleep. He looked over at Her, and gave Her His best Doggy Smile, mixed with much Love. Canine humor at it’s best. Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You find Humor in the Situations around You? Or are You hum drum, or even downcast? I say: It’s time to Smile and see the Happier Side of Life. We’re all moving through this Adventure together. Why not have some Fun? I’ll bring My Tail Wags as We go. We’ll live unstuck. #unstuck-living#

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