Howling at the Moon

Duff here. Recently, there was a Lunar Eclipse. Mom and I went out late at Night (This Puppy was so sleepy…) to see the Event. And It was breathtaking. Magnificent. The Moon ever so Slowly disappeared. Then returned once again. The World got Very quiet. Well, It was the Middle of the Night, so Silent was the name of the Game anyway. Living unstuck.

In Her wisdom, Mom decided to howl. Softly at first. Then Her Volume increased. “Oowwww! Oouuwww!” And that scared the tar out of Me. As I woke with a start, I squirmed out of her Arms and ran for Our place. There’s safety inside, and I was having no Part of Mom’s foolishness. She came, opened the Door, and tickety-boo. I was inside. Safe. Secure. There was My Bed. And I was in it. No more outside rambles. Living unstuck.

How about You? Have You adventured Out at Night, and got a Little nervous? Or are You calm and Collected at All times? I say: Take a Chance. Live a little. Just make sure You have a Safety Net Close by. You never know. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#howling-at-the-moon

(Imaginary) demons are like obedient dogs;
They come when they are called.

—Remy d Gourmont

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