Home Security

Interesting coincidence: I have firewood and the neighbors are missing an Adirondack chair.

—Quotes from Maxine

Duff here. It’s the Holiday Season. And Uncle Roscoe is at the Ready! He knows His Family is out and about, picking up Goodies and Gifts for Friends and Family alike. He knows some are for Him as well, so Heaven help Anyone who even thinks about taking His plunder. But that leaves the House unguarded. No protection at all. This is when He steps in to earn His Keep. After all, He’s the Star member of the Family! And a Fine Guard Dog too. Living unstuck.

He wanted to demonstrate how He saw Himself when He assumes This Role. He’s Small, but Fierce. Ears laid back and Squinty eyed, He is One Tough Dude. This year, He added a Uniform to let Everyone know He was on the watch as a protective Guard. So far, there have been no incidents. He’s doing that Good a Job! Extra treats for Him from Santa for sure. Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You have a Security System well in place? Or do You need to borrow Uncle Roscoe for a day or Two? I say: Having Him visit might be Time well spent. He would put Fear into the Heart of Anyone attempting mischief. I kind of feel sorry for Them, don’t You? Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#home-security

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