Helping Each Other

Duff here. We are still in Recovery Mode from Our last snowstorm. The White stuff was piled very High with Drifts and berms. Around Our place, a kind Soul scattered some ice Melt to help clear Pathways. That product is fine for Humans who wear boots, but Not so for Me. The result? An absolute indignity. Mom gathers Me up and Carries me to an area clear of It. She means well, but I am quite independent. And I am not a Baby. The first few Carries were Fine. But after a while, I skedaddled down the Stairs. Living unstuck as a Fine Male Dog, with dignity intact.

The New Area had its own hazards though, for it was a sea of Ice with patches of snow and Pavement. I am mindful that while I have Four Paws, Mom is hindered in having only Two Legs. So as We cross this Challenge, I move along the Snow and stop when I reach Ice. I look back at Her to warn of that Slick Stuff. Once She is past the danger, We move along. She is clumsy at Times, and doesn’t have My balance of Multiple Appendages. We help each other. Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You get help moving through Travails and Trials? And then return the Favor as You can? I say: Participate in This Endeavor. It is a comfort for You and a great assist to the Other. It makes You feel Good, too. You might even experience a Warm Glow. A lift in Your heart. That’s living unstuck. #unstuck-living#helping-each-other

Winter forms our character and brings out our best.

—Tom Allen

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