Happy Heart

Duff photoDuff here. Mom and I have found This Saying to be true. I naturally have a Happy Heart, for I am a Canine. It’s in the genes. And as the Canine Executive Officer, This Trait is doubly enhanced. My peaceful Mind shows in My ability to Nap whenever I choose. (And yes, I sleep soundly.) I also have a Playful Spirit. I romp and play with the best of Them. Living unstuck.

Michael’s Philosophy states: whenever You see a feather, He and His wisdom are nearby. Lately, Mom and I have been coming across Many of these Light Weight Plumes. Each time We do, We nod to each Other and agree: Michael’s philosophy Works. Living unstuck.

How about You? How’s Your Mindset these days? Upbeat? Or dropping below the Norm? I say: Come along with Michael, Mom, and Me. Have a Happy heart, a peaceful Mind, and a Playful Spirit. Think of the fun adventures that will unfold! I can hardly wait. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#heart-mind-spirit

I have a happy heart, a peaceful mind, and a playful spirit.

—Michael Ellner, D.D. MSW C.Ht.

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