Happiness in a Traffic Jam?

When you’re stuck in a traffic jam but there’s a (loveable) dog next to you.

—ifunny. 🙂

Duff here. Even though I live in a Small Town, We do have traffic jams. They’re Occasional during the Winter. And as Our Part-Time Residents return, oftentimes during the Summer. When we’re in a Jam, I comfort Mom with My Antics. I move fast from the Front to the Back of the Jeep, and then return to Her Lap. I lick Her Face, letting Her know all is well. We’re in this together. Living unstuck.

But then? I spy a Lonely Someone sitting next to Me in Their car. Sometimes They are daydreaming. At other times? Bored. Perhaps They are Steaming with Impatience. That’s when I’m at My Best. I look out My window. They feel My Doggy Smile coming Their Way. They know Someone sees Them, and as They look over. . . They smile back at Me! That’s living unstuck.

How about You? Are You Calm and Peaceful during a Traffic Jam? Or do You get hot and Bothered? I say: Chill out. Daydream a Bit. Relax and enjoy. Be sure and Check the Car Next to You. I might be Smiling away, sending My Duff Magic Your way. (If You’re out of town? Just pretend.) My Happy face will lift Your spirits, for sure. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#happiness

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