Good Habits

Nothing is stronger than a habit.


Duff here. The other day I was a pooped Puppy by the Evening. The hours flew by and I was Very Busy. And I think You may agree: At the End of some Days, You are Tuckered. Out. That’s the sign of Time Well Spent. That’s living unstuck.

But Positive habits die hard. I had My Evening meal. Mom hooked Me up to Sashay out for the last Walk of the Day. And I stopped and Stared straight ahead. Mom knew the Day had been a challenge for Me. So She picked Me Up and carried Me to My Special Spot. (The One where I can always find the perfect Place to leave My Mark.) We stood there for a Time. Enjoying the Breeze, Taking in the Sunset. Just celebrating Life. Living unstuck.

Then I looked up at Her and asked, “Are We done here?” You see, I didn’t need to Relieve Myself. But the Habit was so Strong, We followed the Way We had “always” Done things. We lived unstuck to Reinforce a Good Habit. After that, I crashed for The Evening. Now that’s living unstuck.

How about You? Do You sometimes Do something because that’s the way You’ve always done it? Or do You vary Your pattern? I say: If it’s a good habit, Keep on Keepin’ On. It will serve You well in the End. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#good-habits

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