Going Home

Duff here. As You know, I’m the Canine Executive Officer of Unstuck Living. And an important Job that is! I snooze Patiently in Mom’s Lap in the waiting room, in standby mode. As I hear a Vehicle in the Parking Lot, I stir a bit after My Nap. I meet and greet Them at the Door. It’s a glorious Occasion, I tell You. I then follow Them into the Main Office and check for Critters at Home as I read Their Pant Cuffs. Busy times, for sure. Living unstuck.

When the Clock strikes Going-Home Time? That’s a totally different Story. After My last client departs, I am Up and at ‘Em. I run in Circles to get Mom to Hurry Up. Through the Office, looping out to the Front Door, and back again. There are times when Mom needs to make a Phone Call. I sigh. Then staying close at hand, I stare intently at Her as She takes care of Business. Once She hangs up, I’m moving once again. She opens the Door, and I’m out like a Shot, inhaling the Fragrances of the Evening. Truly living unstuck.

How About You? Do You look forward to the Going-Home part of the Day? Or are You an out-and-about type of Person? I say: Either way, enjoy the Anticipation of Heading Home. There’s nothing like it. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#going-home

Just hold on, we’re going home.


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