Getting My Own Way

Duff here. I was reflecting on How I Get My Own Way. It began when I was a Puppy. I was Cute and cuddly, but Fiercely independent at the same Time. My Fur was so dense My Mom thought I was going blind for a time. I kept bumping into Walls until We got that Situation remedied with a Starter Groom. You know, with the hair around My Eyes clipped and a Sanitary Cut to allow Me to be clean after Doing My Business. That Game Plan worked. Living unstuck.

One particularly successful Strategy of Mine was to Stand by the Door. And ask to be Let out. Then Back in. I would give My Doggy Parents enough time to Settle in a chair or begin another Project. Then Stand by the Door. Again. And ask to be Let out. Since I was still tiny, there was no Telling if It was a false Alarm. Or the Real Deal. So I worked My Magic and Got My Way. Living unstuck. (For a time.)

How about You? What do You do to get Your own Way? Or do Nothing and Wallow in Self Pity? I say: Find what works for You. And do It. Consistency pays off, trust Me on This. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#getting-your-own-way

Overheard at Quince Mountain at the front door with a puppy: “In or out? In or out? What are you, a cat?”

—Blair Braverman

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