Gearing Up

Duff here. As a Very Small Canine, I consider any Leap before I commit Myself to that Feat. I make up My Mind. Then carefully gauge the Distance, seeing if I have what it Takes. (Some Days are better than Others, I think We’d all agree.) The Recliner at the Office is a Good Case in Point. I ask permission to Hop up before I even begin to contemplate the Leap. If the Move is approved, I gather My Inner Forces and spring into Motion. Push, then jump. Up I go. Living unstuck.

Other Days, I know I’m a bit tuckered Out from too Much Playing and I need a boost. I look over at Mom to request some Help, and She gently places Me where I want to be. Now, I don’t do this often. After all, I need to maintain My independence. But some days a Lift is oh-so-helpful after I have determined My Course of Action. And I get the Same Outcome. That’s living unstuck too.

How about You? Do You carefully Gear up for Action? Or do You spend so much time making up Your mind that the Opportunity has passed? I say: Figure out what You want. Then take the leap. Just do It. Take it from Me: it’s All a part of living unstuck. #unstuck-living#decision-making

Indecision steals many years from many people who wind up wishing they’d just had the courage to leap.

—Doe Zantamada

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