Full Tummy

Me: I’m so full I am never eating again.

Me: Are those brownies?”


Duff here. Thanksgiving Day is renowned for Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and Gravy, pumpkin pie, and all sorts of Other Yummy Things. The Scents are so Fragrant! And the Foods Full of Flavor. It’s so very easy to get Started at one End of the Table, and Eat My way down To the Other. I reason: It’s only once a year. Luckily, Mom is there to put the brakes on. And dole out Morsels that are Just right for Me. Living unstuck.

But Uncle Reginald and I both had a huge feast on Thanksgiving Day. He specialized in Delicacies, such as Mashed potatoes, and Carrots. He even finished Off My Green Peas, which I graciously passed His Way. (Never cared for them, Myself.) I indulged in Turkey, and a Dab of Candied Yams. Yum! But by Day’s end? We were stuffed. That is, until some Pupperoni came Our Way. We were on it! Living unstuck.

How about You? Did you Over Indulge on Thanksgiving Day? Or eat with Restraint, knowing there would be Some leftovers for turkey Sandwiches the next day? I say: Moderation is good. I attempt that too. But every now and again? I revel in everything Good. My Tummy was so full! Hope Your Thanksgiving was both fun and festive. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#full-tummy

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