Full Beyond Compare

Food limit reached. Start sleep cycle.


Duff here. Was Thanksgiving as good for You as It was for Me? Mom fed me tidbits of All sorts of Goodies. A bit of Turkey. A dash of mashed Potatoes. Yummy! I ate and Ate until My Tummy was Full. Then I squeezed in just a Touch more. This Little Dog was full beyond compare. Living unstuck.

Mom and I are still amused about My Dinner when I was a tiny puppy. I had a similar Meal, along with lots of running around. And Playing. I wore off the calories about as quickly as I consumed Them. But all of a sudden, I crashed. Yes, The Duff crashed smack into His Food Bowl. Still licking the Remains of His Meal from the bottom of the Dish. A sight to behold. Truly living unstuck.

How about You? Did You much a bunch yesterday? Maybe even go overboard? Or were You kind to Yourself and held back a bit? I say: Go for it! This was the One Day of the year when You could revel in a Huge Meal. And no One made You wrong. That’s living unstuck. #unstuck-living#feasting

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