Forecast Dependent

Duff here. Mom checks the weather Forecast every morning. Like clockwork, She dials it up on Her Gizmo Phone and checks the wind. The temperature. Then flips over to the Short Summary. The other day there was no wind and the temp was mild. But the forecast? 50% chance of rain or snow. Heavens! I patiently watched Mom put on Her layers. The tee shirt. The biking zip up. The hoodie. The puffy Vest. Then the Well worn Chamois shirt. Next comes the muffler. Then gloves. Then the umbrella. She puts Me in My Halter. (I already have a coat on.) And out We go. Living unstuck.

After My walk, She tucks Me in and off She goes. After the first little while? The top layer is shed, along with the Muffler. Then the Vest. The Hoodie. The biking zip up, which is a struggle, for by this time She is really sweaty. There She goes, walking down the Road with gloves in hand, all her Gear over One arm. Comical to see Her come back in. After greeting Me, everything goes where it should. And She vows once again: Don’t be so Dependent on those Errant Weather Forecasts. Living unstuck at last.

How about You? Do You take Forecasts seriously? Or do You figure You’re not made of sugar? That You won’t melt? I say: Take a chance on Life. Tuck some necessary items where They’re handy. And let Things go. Mom has found if She takes an umbrella, Moisture is non-existent. You might too. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#weather-forecasts

There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.

—Ranulph Fiennes

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