Flow Restored

Duff here. As You may remember, I was under the Weather last week. Somehow My Gastrointestinal Tract was not functioning properly. (Have You ever had that Issue? Oh My!) Coming in and then back outside . . . a lot. We had a few Mishaps. Not really living unstuck.

Mom was concerned and Googled the Problem. And talked with Friends. And finally looked up the problem in the Dog Owner’s Veterinary Handbook. Voila! The answer was there. Instructions were to hold food for a day. Then gradually Give Me more as I got to feeling better. When I was fed for a Couple of Days, I was back to My perky Canine Ways. But had not yet uncorked What had gone in. When I did release the “log jam,” We both celebrated. Big Time! What a relief. Living unstuck (literally.)

How about You? Have You been saddled with a Malady and felt It would never End? Or did You just know You’ll get better? I say: Hold onto the Upbeat Attitude. I have found It works every time. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#feeling-better

Ends are not bad things; they just mean that something else is about to begin.

—C. Jagbell C.

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