First Class Canine

Duff here. Uncle Stewart was a First Class kind of Canine. He was the firstborn Of His Litter. The best and Brightest of all. That continued as He grew older. He was the fastest in Races. The quickest at Stealing something off the Kitchen Counter. According to Him, the Best looking. Living unstuck.

When Stewart traveled, He did it in keeping with the Image He had of Himself. First class all the way, complete with His Well Mannered Friends. The Amusements were the Best. His Specialty of Tube Sock! Quite often, He would slip into His Master’s bedroom and filch one from when It had been tossed the night before. Off He would go, with His Master in Hot Pursuit. But This time? To be served like This was an honor. Living unstuck.

How about You? Are You a First Class Person? Or do You prefer Coach? I say: Live it up every now and Again. Uncle Stewart would applaud Your Choice. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#first-class

Think first class about everyone around you, and you’ll receive first class results all around.

—David J. Schwartz

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