Fill Your Laughter Quotient

Nothing is worth more than laughter.

—Frida Kahlo

Duff here. Laughter is indeed the Best Medicine. I listened to Mom chat with A Friend of Hers today. And so much Laughter! As They swapped Stories and Told Lies? Giggles. As They reminisced with Anecdotes of Bygone Days? Chortles! As They looked forward to the Future? Even more Delight. I can hear Happiness in Her Voice, even when She talks on a Phone. Living unstuck.

And We all know when Someone talks on the Phone, They are in a Trance. It might be a light one, for They could be paying attention to the Road while chatting away while doing hands-free Driving. Or perhaps a deeper One as They listen intently to Another’s Woes. Or even as Mom’s conversation today. Light-hearted and fun-filled. Those touch the Heart. Truly living unstuck.

How about You? Do you fill Your Laughter Quotient every day? Or are some Days kind of Skimpy? I say: Find Something that’s Bodacious. And Laugh. Today I wanted a Walk and Headed for the Door three times before Mom got the Hint. She laughed, and I smiled My Doggy Smile. Gather Those Funny Moments and Treasure Them. You won’t regret It. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#laughter

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