Feeling Lonely?

Duff here. My World is quiet at the present Time. Mom and I chill out a Lot. And My Goodness, do we go for Walks? Oh, yes We do. We are Seeing Clients online. I need to correct Myself and say Mom is chatting with Clients via internet. She gets all the Fun. And I am left Out and feel Cranky. They seem to have such a good Time without Me. Sigh. And I play such an Integral part when We see Folks in the Office. Not living unstuck for Me.

I feel Lonely. I miss interacting with My Clients and will be Oh-So-Glad when this Stay-At-Home order is lifted. But there was a recent Bright Spot for Me. Mom and I were out walking yesterday (what’s new?) and a Rat Terrier came up to greet Us. Such a pleasure to meet a Well-mannered Four-legged Buddy! We romped and played, Marked and remarked the Territory. And generally had a Good time. That’s living unstuck.

How about You? Are You keeping Busy? Or are You feeling a bit Lonely too? I say: Connect with Others on a Regular Basis. Pick up the Phone for a personal Touch. Use FaceTime or Zoom for the added feature of Seeing the other Person. A caution: Run a Comb through Your hair before this event. (Mom grooms Me, so I look Spiffy.) Remember: this won’t last Forever. Promise. That’s living unstuck. #unstuck-living#loneliness

Loneliness allows your soul room to grow.

—Janet Fitch

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