Food limit reached. Start sleep cycle.


Duff here. Thanksgiving was a delightful Time for Me. Mom fed me tidbits of All sorts of Goodies. A bit of Turkey. A dash of mashed Potatoes and gravy. A touch of stuffing. Yummy! I ate and Ate until My Tummy was Full. Then I squeezed in just a Scrinch more. Such a hearty feast for this Little Dog. Living unstuck.

And Mom and I are still amused about My Dinner when I was a tiny puppy. I had a similar Meal, along with lots of running around and Playing. I wore off the calories about as quickly as I consumed Them. But all of a sudden, I crashed. Yes, The Duff crashed smack into His Food Bowl. Still licking the Remains of gravy from the bottom of the Bowl. A sight to behold. Truly living unstuck.

How about You? How did you feel after You munched a bunch yesterday? Or were You kind to Yourself and held back a bit? I say: Go for it! This was the One Day of the year when You could revel in a Huge Meal. And no One made You wrong. That’s living unstuck. #unstuck-living#feasting

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