Fearful Thunderstorms

Duff here. The other night, A Thunderstorm rolled through My Town. It was Night Time, and I was stretched out On My Bed. But at the First Boom and Crack of Thunder and lightning? I went to Mom and let Her Know: It’s Time I slept with You. Something’s going to get Me. I just know it. She gathered Me up, and I snuggled in. Until the Unexpected Boom right over head. Then I really burrowed Down, hoping to find Safety. Living unstuck.

Even though Mom wasn’t concerned, I was on Full Alert. Panting. Moving about. Clawing at the Sheets. Mom was trying to get some Shut Eye, so She pinned me down telling Me it was all Right. But I knew better. The sounds and the Light were overwhelming. Finally, We both dozed off. But then? Bang! And I was a Fur Hat on Mom’s head. We got that straightened out in a Hurry. The Storm passed, and I went back to My Bed. Safe at last. Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You enjoy Thunderstorms? Or do You get a Wee bit Concerned? I say: Watch out! You never know What will be Lurking about. Ghoulies, and ghosties. And long legged beasties. Things that go Bump in the Night. I’d also suggest a great Source of Comfort (like Mom.) I know She chased it away. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#thunderstorms

Everything will be okay. Just breathe.


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