Everyday Challenges

Duff here. There are days when Everything goes right in My World. Mom wakes up at the right Time. She moves smoothly through her Morning Routine, and We venture outdoors. Dawn is just beginning to Show Itself in the Sky. The weather is cool, but Pleasant. I stop and She hooks up My Leash. And off We go. The Day proceeds in an Orderly fashion. That’s living unstuck.

But there are some Days (I’m not complaining, mind You) when Mom is Discombobulated. She is late getting Out of Bed. And the rest of the Morning is Chaotic. She has a Challenge in finding Her clothes. (If She was sensible, like Me, She’d wear Her Fur all the time.) Boots? Oh, my! We proceed Out The Door. Then She realizes She has forgotten the Leash. A Very Important piece of Equipment, You know. Next She searches for the keys in her Pocket to no Avail. By now, I have given Up and meander out to Begin My Morning Toilette. Really not living unstuck. But it all Works out. We get straightened Out and move through the Day. Now that’s living unstuck.

How about You? Have You had Days where everything Flowed perfectly? And I’ll bet You’ve had Times where, despite Your best efforts, Nothing could go Right? I say: Trundle through The Challenges. There is always a Bright Spot on the Horizon. Just for You. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#everyday-challenges

Some days, I amaze myself. Other days, I put the keys in the fridge.


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