Enjoy the Small Things

Duff here. Every morning the Alarm goes off. Usually, Mom and I are up and about, like popping out of a Toaster. Ready for the Day and what it has to offer. Bouncy. Bubbly. A curious attitude about the next 24 hours. Who knows what It will bring? And Mom is flexible in Attire. Bundled up if it’s cold. Shedding layers if it’s not. It’s Our early morning Wake up Time. Living unstuck.

However, there are some Days when Mom is slow to Rise. The ring Tone goes off once. Twice. Sometimes even three times! She rolls out of Bed, hurrying along for I am impatient to get Outside. Not necessarily to do anything Special, but just to be in the Great Out-of-doors. Once outside, there are Times when I get to a Special spot. And stop. Just stand there. I am amazed at all there is to Discover. Mom patiently waits. (Unless it's pouring down rain. Then We both hustle right along.) I think I’m teaching Her how to enjoy the Small Things. Part of My Job, You know. Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You roll through Life like a Steam Locomotive? Or do You stop and enjoy? I say: Go for the Latter. So much to see and to Do. And no. You don’t have to pop out of Bed. All the time. However . . . Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#pop-out-of-bed

Good morning!
Wake up and be awesome!

—Birthday Wishes Expert

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