Early Wake Up

I might wake up early and do some exercise, or I might win the lottery. The odds are the same.


Duff here. A bit ago, I began waking up early. I mean really Early. Mom and I usually roll out at 5:00 am. A reasonable Time to begin the Day. But I decided to Up the Ante: I woke at 3:30. And I began My Heart-rending Whimper. You know, the one that Says Mom, I love You, and need You. Desperately. Right Now. Living unstuck.

Mom sleepily got up, and Unlatched the Carrier Door. To My dismay? She rubbed My ears, slid back into Bed, and fell back to Sleep. I trundled to My Second Bed (aren’t I the fortunate One?) and fell asleep. All was well. And We have continued to do so to this Day.

Please know: Mom is up at 5:00. She has programmed Herself to walk early in the morning. She says Her Mind is still asleep then, and doesn’t say something like, “You really don’t want to walk today.” By the time She’s finished, the Day has begun. Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You bounce out of Bed bright and early? Or does the Day begin a little Later? I say: Early is good. I surprised Myself the first time or two I ventured out at 3:30. I turned to Mom and told Her it was dark outside. She agreed and still went back to Bed. Drat! Living unstuck . . . a bit later in the day. #unstuck-living#early-wake-up

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