Duff’s Thought for the Day—Yoda Had It Right

Do it or not. There is no try.

—Yoda, Star Wars Series

I have often thought Yoda had it right. I am comfortable with him for he is a small creature, just as I am. And we are both unafraid of venturing out into new territories. Well, maybe I am still learning from him, for I back my mom 100% when we meet a Very Large Dog. Way behind her, I am.

When my hero, Yoda, was instructing Luke Skywalker, he was absolute in his competence and intent. He knew beyond a shadow of a doubt what it took to be a Jedi. The only time I have a strong focus is when I know there’s a Pup-eroni treat close by. (That’s my weakness. You have any of those?) I can even learn new tricks when that’s involved. My intent is off the charts!

But back to Yoda’s Wisdom: Ever been stopped cold by a doubt? That Inner Voice telling you, “That’s impossible. You can never do that.” The Duff Wisdom says: go ahead and just do it. Ignore the rest. And enjoy the experience. Live unstuck. #UnstuckLiving

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