Duff’s Thought for the Day: On Being a Rainbow

Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.

—Maya Angelou

Duff here. Dogs (well, and some cats who are dog-like) know instinctively how to be a bright and shining spot in another’s life. I touch people’s hearts by being who I am. When someone comes to the door, I bark to let my mom know we have a visitor. Then appropriately greet them as they enter. I wag my tail, sniff their pant legs to see if they’re dog friendly, then scamper back and forth to warmly welcome them. I am all business: folks know I am glad to see them. I’m living unstuck.

How do you make others feel welcome? Duff Wisdom: smile and be happy. Reach out and hug them. Or fist bump in this flu season. (Paw bump, in my case). I do go all out, but you have an advantage. Others can see your smile. They notice how your eyes light up. They can hear your tone of voice. Use what you have to full advantage. I do! Live unstuck. #UnstuckLiving

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