Doggy Day Camp

I was wrong. We weren’t going to the park.


Duff here. Last weekend, Mom finally realized it was Springtime. We had been having a Battle of Wills over a lot of Stuff. When to get up. What to Eat. The appropriate time for Walks. When to get Bathed. The Best Times to bark. And on it went. Living unstuck.

So off I went to Doggy Day Camp! When I was released from the Car? I joined My Furry Four Legged Friends. (Never a look back at Mom.) We romped. We Played. We ran around. We barked or howled, as the case may be. We napped occasionally. I had so much fun that Mom asked if She could join Me the next Time. (I told her I doubted She could fit in My Kennel. And that was That.) This is My time. Yay Me! Living unstuck.

How about You? Is it time for a Vacay? Or do You just lounge around at Home? I say: Pack up and join some Friends. The Adventure will not only be Memorable but Oh-So worth It! Living Unstuck. #unstuck-living#doggy-day-camp

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